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Trigger people to ask about our unknown sport with this casual sweater.

Comfortable and warm sweater of 80% cotton. Perfect for any occassion.

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BIGBEARD is a casual lifestyle brand for the canoepolo culture. Become part of the BIGBEARD family, be the culture.

Comfortable and warm hoodie of 80% cotton. Perfect for any occassion.

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BIGBEARD was founded to promote canoepolo. A spectacular, but unknown team sport in kayaks. We believe in potential of the sport as a culture. Due to the heaviness of the sport, a match only takes 20 minutes. And since there aren’t a lot of clubs offering the sport, teams only compete at tournaments. Travelling from club to club every weekend, teams form brotherhoods at the campsite. Temporarily living in a bubble, disconnected from society. Canoepolo is not just a sport, it has become a culture. Our culture. The BIGBEARD culture.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Prima shirt. Ben blij verrast over de kwaliteit van de bedrukking.

- Sebastiaan Goorkate